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Lautan Luas is known to provide a stable and convenience environment for its employees to work. Started in 1951 we are now has grown to around 3,600 employees. This number covers all employee of Lautan Luas, including subsidiaries and Support & Services.

In Lautan Luas head office we have around 650 employees this year 2015, with averages nine years in service, and some over 15 years. For customers and partners, this means familiarity and intimacy in understanding needs, response, and delivery.

In today fast changing competitive environment, Lautan Luas must remain agile and focus on its talents, the drivers of value creation and organization competitiveness. As such, Lautan Luas is committed to develop and deploy its talents, and in recruiting best-suited employees, the Company looks to the connect model. Lautan Luas care for its people career development with average of career movement is 5 - 15% per year.

In growing together, Lautan Luas uses KPI -based approach for performance management. This is a performance measurement to evaluate the success of an organization, and we are using Balanced Scorecard as a management framework for KPIs assigned. To measure and develop the competencies of each and every individual and talent our competencies framework has been reviewed and updated with a new detail of Soft, Technical and Leadership ones It's been composed based on a careful balance of high technology and high touch highly considers and strongly emphasizes Lautan Luas' corporate culture - a mix of the Company's vision, core values, corporate identity, and logo philosophy. The competency-based approach serves as the basis of the Company's integrated human resource practices, which includes recruitment and selection, assessment, organizational capability development, performance management, coaching, learning and development, career path, compensation and benefit, and reward practices.

Lautan Luas believes that investment in its talents is of utmost importance. The Company has an integrated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and System Application and Product in data (SAP) for Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Process that enable better management of its talents. Leave online, employee database, recruitment, performance management and training, are just a few of the applications administered with the latest of technological advances. Lautan Luas is presently optimizing the use of HRIS and SAP to also cover the Individual Development Plan, Competencies Assessment and Talent Assessment.

As we believe in people development to meet customer satisfaction and pro-active response to ever-changing market condition, learning and educational programs are continually upgraded, refreshed, and developed to accommodate new skills and knowledge required. Currently we have at least 34 modules for people development that run on regular basis delivered by our internal and external resources/vendors to strengthen our talents hard and soft skills, separate in 151 classes with total participant 2,203 employees. In addition, to ensure world-class training execution, we have certified our internal trainer (21 trainers and growing) and several key position persons to facilitate some of our people development program. The total of our internal trainers are 41 employees. (data: 2015)