Rifana Erni

Independent Commissioner

An Indonesian citizen, born in 1948.
Rifana earned a Bachelor’s in Textile Chemical Technology at Bandung Textile Institute, in 1975 and an MBA in International Business from University of Bridgeport, Connecticut USA, in 1991. After holding positions of Assistant of Production Manager and concurrently as Head of Laboratory at PT  Bandung Sakura Textile Mill (1972-1979), Rifana joined the Ministry of Industry and Trade holding positions of Director of Industrial Business Climate Development, Director of Sporting Goods and Multivarious Industries, Director of Business Development, Directorate General of Domestic Trade, Director General for International Cooperation, Director General for Domestic Trade, and Head of Agency for Industrial  Research and Development.

Rifana has held the position of Commissioner in PT  Sandang (1992–2002 ),  PT  Kuniseal Indonesia (1997–2002 ), PT  Pupuk  Sriwijaya (2003–2012), and National Consumer Protection Agency (2009–2016). Rifana is also an SNI/ISO 9001 Auditor for the Industrial Certification Body (2005–current), Advisor to PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (2008–current), Administrator on Regulatory Affairs for Indonesian Chemicals Industry Federation (2015–current) and Administrator on Department of Government Relations and Regulation for The Indonesian Olefin, Aromatic and Plastic Industry Association (2008–current).

Rifana was appointed Independent Commissioner based on the resolution of  Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on January 25, 2017.