Joshua Chandraputra Asali

Managing Director, Business Development Director

Joshua is graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1977 with a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, and from the University of Illinois in 1983 with a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Joshua joined PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk in 1984 as a Sales Executive. Since then his career has included roles as Sales Manager (1987 - 1992), Marketing Manager (1992 - 1996), Marketing Director (1996 - 2007), and Managing Director and Business Development & Manufacturing Director (2007 - 2012), before being appointed as Managing Director and Business Development Director of the Company in 2012.

Currently, Joshua is also on the Board of Commissioners or Directors of several companies within Lautan Luas Group. As Managing Director and Business Development Director, Joshua leads the Company's operations on a day-to-day basis, championing areas including human resources, and is responsible for new development activities.