The Lautan Luas core values guide our daily work

We have 6 core values:

  • We comply with high ethical standards,
  • We commit to excellence, accountability and responsibility in all activities,
  • We serve our customers to the best of our ability,
  • We recognize and reward creativity,
  • We treat all people with respect, and
  • We work as a team to achieve common goals.

These values define a standard of behavior for all employees and teach us how to relate with our colleagues, customers and other third parties. They establish the basis for a working culture, the development of supporting company policies and code of conduct, and provide clarity for us as we strive to achieve the PT Lautan Luas Tbk vision and mission.

Implementing these values is not as difficult as it may seem, because we have learned them from childhood. As adults, we must simply shed the sometimes harsh compromises we have adopted as we came into the working environment and embrace them once more. We begin with ourselves, by adopting the values, and demonstrating respect for each other. By our commitment to good behavior, high morality and honesty, we can achieve - One Team, One Heart.

We are a big and fast growing company, rapidly becomming a global player

We represent over 100 international principals, with names you recognise, and distribute in excess of 1,000 chemical products to more than 2,000 industrial end-users throughout Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region. To administer this diverse presence, Lautan Luas has 5 branches and 7 representative offices located in major cities throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. Our regional office in Singapore overlooks the Companys activities in China, Thailand and Vietnam. We have a stake in 17 manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, 2 in China and a water treatment chemical plant in Vietnam. The Lautan Luas Support & Services business is comprised to 5 entities providing laboratory, supply chain, and information technology services, and water treatement solutions across Indonesia.

We highly appreciate and value our employees

We provide an excellent range of benefits to address the needs of our employees and their families, and offer competitive compensation with special awards to recognize performance and extra effort.

We equip our employees with knowledge and skills

We continuosly strive to develop the quality of our employees, who we consider our most important asset. Our comprehensive range of training programs optimize the growth and contribution of our employees. The list of the learning modules cover inter-personal effectiveness skills, technical skills, and leadership and personal development. We also encourage the senior leadership team to demonstrate the new leadership approach through a program of active coaching. As part of their individual professional development needs, we encourage employees to actively enrich their knowledge and skills through self-learning modules.

Shared resources : transfer between departments and group

We challenge each employee to grow their skills and knowledge to be best in their team. Moreover, we create open oportunities for them to move to the next level by transfer to other departments and groups.

We offer you a career path (overseas exposure)

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive performance and competency based management system. It establishes clear benchmarks to monitor employee achievement and then assign them in the right place, and with the right work targets. We offer a career path which includes overseas exposure for those who demonstrate the aptitude and commitment to continuous improvement.

Integrated Office

The head office is integrated across all departments, with virtual communication facilities such as call and video conferencing to facilitate collaboration between employee groups, directly and virtually. Our head office location in the heart of West Jakarta is adventageous with access by several major highways and various public transportation systems, including: bus, Transjakarta, commuter train and other means.

Comfortable Working Facilities

To support our goal of continuous employee development, the head office has several complete training room facilities with capacity for 100 people and equiped with a library to support self learning. In addition, we provide a lounge facility with a cozy ambience for employees to refresh and connect with one another in a casual setting.

As part of our care for employee well-being, we regularly provide talks on current topics of interest regarding health, family and psychological questions. We also have a clinic with nursing support, an Employee Cooperative, Canteen, Bakery, Restaurant, Bank counter, ATM, and Money Changer in the building.

A High Engagement, Comfortable Working Environment

We create activities to engage one another on a personal and social level, such as employee gatherings, sport and religious activities, and many more. These develop and deepen the bonds between employees, which directly contributes to the strengthening of a colaborative work environment, enabling us to align with the companys vision and mission.