Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program demonstrates how engaging community stakeholders not only supports Company goals, but also encourages nonprofit organizations to promote social change in positive and sustainable ways. Lautan Luas Corporate Social Responsibility Program activities directly support the achievement of Indonesia's UN Millennium Development Goals to eradicate poverty, improve health care services, and to deliver universal access to primary education. Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities foster a better life for the underprivileged through a focus on housing, construction of schools, education, health care, and other necessities of life. Employees of the Company and our business partners implement activities, which contribute directly to the community and people at the location of our operations.

As a public company, Lautan Luas has done many Corporate Social Responsibility Program. According to budget, defined by the government, we are committed to conduct corporate social responsibility programs in a sustainable manner. To support various CSR programs during 2017 in community empowerment, education, livelihood development and other social activities, the Company spent Rp1.1billion

Furthermore, our corporate social responsibility program are as follows:

Empowering Communities

This program is aimed at providing access to decent housing in Indonesia as well as making the construction of healthy, safe housing as part of the awareness in the community. These are concrete actions undertaken by employees volunteering in the home building process.


a. Construction of Schools

Lautan Luas cooperated with Happy Heart Foundation, which deals with the construction and renovation of schools in order to give hope for children after a natural disaster. In April 2014, the Company held volunteer activities to construct a school in Teluk Bango, Karawang for 2013 program and for the 2014 program the Company conduct a school construction activity in Cilincing, North Jakarta where the program is currently still underway. The construction of these elementary schools is a manifestation of the Company's commitment with regard to the welfare of these communities. In 2017, the Company also contributed through the renovation of the school buildings of PAUD Benih Bangsa in Cilegon, Banten. The school building activities will be continued in the coming years.

b. KIMUD (Kimia Itu Mudah) & KOMUD (Komputer itu Mudah)

Lautan Luas cooperated with its IT business subsidiary, (PT Strategic Partner Solution), to organize a social activity called "Kimia itu Mudah" (KIMUD) and "Komputer itu Mudah" (KOMUD) for Junior High School and Vocational High School students, who cannot continue their education to university level. The participants attended a basic Microsoft Office training course followed by a written test, and interview. meanwhile the top KIMUD and KOMUD competition winners received scholarships to pursue their studies in some top universities in Indonesia


Cocoa, We care

Agriculture is one of our business area, therefore Lautan Luas cooperating with IPNI (International Plant Nutrision Institute) and Cocoa Care assisting farmers at South Sulawesi providing training to 15 - 20 cocoa farmers.

This sustainable program focus on helping cocoa farmers in their farming rehabilitation through agronomy training, spreading information about cocoa growth, nutrition supply guided by IPNI.

With existence of this program, Lautan Luas hopes that cocoa farmers will get educated in growing cacao and the better harvest.

Other Community Service Programs

Blood Drive

Lautan Luas holds various blood drive activities in order to help filling up the blood bank of the Indonesian Red Cross and at the same time raising community awareness of the importance of blood for saving lives. Blood drive is conducted once in every three months during a whole year. This activity is not only limited to employees of Lautan Luas, but is also open for non-Company tenants at our head office building, Graha Indramas, and the surrounding buildings.

Clean Water Supply

We also supported the 2012 we care Mission, a project implemented by the Indonesian Association of the National University of Singapore for providing clean water for inhabitants of CSR's Pemenang Timur Village and Tegal Maja Village, Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The company, along with the Indonesian Association of the National University of Singapore, conducted a review of and dissemination to the region.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Subsidiaries

Each subsidiary holds activities with real impact for people at the location of their operations. Some of the activities include: education assistance to 90 underprivileged students in four villages in East Java, the provision of ambulance for inhabitants of area in the surroundings of the factory in Pulogadung, improving the quality of public facilities, blood donors program, as well as assistance for the provision of musical instruments to Betawi arts groups in Cakung, East Jakarta.