The packaging industry in Indonesia is very huge market and has high growth rate in the near future. A large part of this growth comes from the FMCG and Retail sectors that have consistently led Indonesian GDP growth in recent years. This trend does not depend only on population growth, but is also spurred by rapid urbanization, and the growing buying power and lifestyle changes favored by the burgeoning middle class. Eco-friendliness is one criteria of increasing importance for consumer products, in both the production process and post-use treatment and disposal of products.

With more than 50% of the total packaging market, rigid and flexible plastics have the highest market share due to their combination of versatility and cheaper cost compared to other materials such as paper, glass, and metal. Manufacturers are becoming more innovative in the design, texture, feel, and sizing of packaging products to comply with customers' needs and convenience. For example, standing plastic pouches have replaced bottles for many products such as cooking oil and soy sauce, which require less space for storage and facilitate distribution. Plastic packaging now offers more variety in serving size, from single-use sachets or cups to family packs.

Our division specializes in providing solutions to our customer packaging needs, ranging from additives to create biodegradable shopping bags, to high-barrier transparent bottles. Our dedicated team has diverse product experience and expertise in raw materials, application processes, and laboratory testing methods to ensure the quality of our products and fulfillment of specific customer needs. You may browse our product categories and contact us for further information regarding our services and products.

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