AGMS invitation

The Board of Directors of PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk (hereinafter referred to as "Company") hereby invites the shareholders of...

May 13, 2020

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Information

We hereby inform the Shareholders of the Company that the Company will hold the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders...

April 28, 2020

PT Dunia Kimia Utama and PT Liku Telaga plan to merger

A subsidiary of PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk, ("the Company "), namely PT Liku Telaga ("LT") domiciled in Gresik Regency and PT...

March 20, 2020

Public Expose 9M19 Result

Public Expose 9M19 Result

December 20, 2019
Bursa Efek Indonesia Ruang Seminar 3

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders PT Lautan Luas Tbk

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Lautan Luas Tbk

May 16, 2019
Jakarta Room 10th Floor, Graha Indramas

Analyst Meeting FY18 & 1Q19 Result

Analyst Meeting FY18 & 1Q19 Result

May 16, 2019
Rose Garden International Restaurant, Graha Indramas 3rd Floor

Annual Reports

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Investor Newsletter

Apr 2020
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