Frequently Asked Questions
Lautan Luas went public on 21 July 1997, offering 50 million shares of common stock to the public at Rp2,950.00 per share.
The Lautan Luas ticker symbol is LTLS and the shares are traded on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).
No, shares may not be purchased directly from Lautan Luas.
Yes, Lautan Luas had a 1:2 stock split on 8th November 1999 and 9th January 2015.
Yes, Lautan Luas gave a 5:8 bonus share on 4th January 1999.
Yes, Lautan Luas paid out dividends as and when declared by the Board of Directors at Annual General Shareholders meetings.
Lautan Luas currently has 1.560 million outstanding shares.
The public holds 41.33% of Lautan Luas outstanding shares.
To date, the Company has issued four five-year bonds. Bond I/2000 of Rp 200 billion was retired in 2005, Bond II/2003 of Rp 300 billion was retired in 2008, Bond III/2008 of Rp 500 billion was retired in 2013, while Bond IV/2013 of Rp 700 billion was issued in June 2013 and will retire in 2018. In 2014, Lautan Luas maintained its credit rating of idA- (single A minus, stable outlook) by Credit Rating Indonesia or PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo). 7 April 2014.
Currently, Lautan Luas has 17 manufacturing subsidiaries and affiliates, 4 support & services subsidiaries and affiliates, a Singapore regional distribution subsidiary, 4 regional offices, and 3 regional manufacturing facilities.
Lautan Luas has a `one-stop-shop` approach to business, making it a total solutions provider for chemical industrial needs. Currently, Lautan Luas distributes over 1,000 products for more than 100 international principals to over 2,000 local and global industrial end-users.
Lautan Luas Annual Report and others are available in electronic format on this website in the Investor Relations section under financial updates, Annual Report.
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