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Logistics plays a vital role in Lautan Luas' distribution activities. To meet increasing demand and expectations of accurate timely delivery, Lautan Luas established its own supply chain management subsidiary, LINC Group.

LINC Group was introduced to the growing trade and industrial sectors of Indonesia in 2001. Through the years we have expanded to provide global end-to-end supply chain management services through a suit of supply chain solutions.

LINC Group empowers its customers with connectivity, visibility, accessibility, and profitability through the following turnkey services:

  • A fully integrated system linking the customer's entire company database
  • A single point of contact for the customer's entire supply chain
  • One provider for both national and global access
  • Infinite combinations of services to meet each and every business needs
  • Performance matrix and supply chain concepts to identify cost savings areas

In offering end-to-end supply chain solutions, LINC Group comprises:

LINC Group Indonesia

LINC Logistics

  • Leading-edge warehouse and logistics management solutions
  • International freight forwarding and custom clearance

LINC Express

  • Land transport, domestics sea transport, and distribution solutions

LINC Rental

  • Corporate automotive fleet rental solutions

LINC Terminal

  • Independent storage provider of fuel and liquid chemical

LINC Solutions

  • End-to-end IT solutions for supply chain

LINC Knowledge Academy

  • International knowledge provider focused on integrated supply chain education and training

LINC Group International


  • International freight management and custom brokerage

LINC Logistics Singapore

  • Land transport, domestics sea transport, and distribution solutions

LINC Logistics China

  • International freight management and custom brokerage

Lautan Luas is committed to adopt best practices that have been proven to be effective in services. With the latest technological advances, it is able to proactively manage the supply chain expectations of accurate and timely delivery.