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At present, Lautan Luas represents over 100 international principals, distributes more than 1,000 chemical products, and serves more than 2,000 industrial end-users throughout Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Lautan Luas continues to forge strategic alliances with the world’s leading chemical manufacturers to strenghten our position as the leading basic and specialty chemical company in Indonesia

Our Industries

With our current capacity, Lautan Luas supports various industries, including: Food & Beverages, Industrial, Drinking & Waste Water, Personal & Home Care, Automotive, Animal Feed, Building Construction, Agriculture, Pulp, Paper & Packaging, Mining, Textile & Apparel

Food & Beverages

Assurance and Innovation: Excellent and Quality Ingredients Food and beverage landscape has transformed over the last decades, the new demands…


Industrial, Drinking & Waste Water

Industrial, Drinking, Process & Waste Water Clean water is a crucial need with growing demand  for both industrial and household…


Personal & Home Care

Dedication through innovation & creativity Lautan Luas is committed to enhance beauty, hygiene, and healthy life by presenting new concepts…


Our Partner

Lautan Luas has build reputation in decades, working hand in hand with prominent national and international industry leaders. With good reputation based on our track record and professionalism, We are committed to provide quality assurance in delivering every products and services.

News Update


January 2022

Kampong Lautan Luas Project Update

Jakarta, 28 January 2022. Last September, our Board of Directors were gathered at Mauk to laid the first stone of…

Kampong Lautan Luas Project Update


September 2021

PT Lautan Luas Tbk Build 70 houses, 7 water centres and 7 Schools in Mauk

Jakarta, 22 September 2021, PT Lautan Luas Tbk cooperates with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Happy Hearts Indonesia to work…

PT Lautan Luas Tbk Build 70 houses, 7 water centres and 7 Schools in Mauk


July 2021

Lautan Luas Celebrate its 70th anniversary

Jakarta, 21 July 2021 is a very special day for Lautan Luas. The Company celebrate its 70th anniversary and take…

Lautan Luas Celebrate its 70th anniversary