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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders PT Lautan Luas Tbk

JAKARTA – The shareholders of PT Lautan Luas Tbk approved the distribution of dividends of Rp108 billion or equivalent to Rp70 per share at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) which was held on Friday (3/6/2022). PT Lautan Luas Tbk previously distributed Rp 20 per share on January 21, 2022.

The remaining dividend of Rp 50 per share will begin to be recorded on June 15, 2022. This amount represents 39 percent of PT Lautan Luas Tbk 2021 net profit of Rp. IDR 280 billion. A cash dividend of Rp 70 per share will be paid to shareholders after deducting the interim dividend that has been paid.

In 2021, PT Lautan Luas Tbk generate Rp 6.636 Trillion revenue, 19% higher than the previous year. This also resulted in a 271% increase in net profit from IDR 75 billion to IDR 280 billion. Indrawan Masrin, President Director of PT Lautan Luas Tbk explained that this positive performance is in line with the company’s ability to maintain product availability with competitive advantages and strict risk management.

The company’s growth is also supported by the increasing demand for raw materials in the manufacturing industry, and other segments in line with the expanding economy in Indonesia. Indrawan Masrin also added, “We continue to assess the potential for investment in the chemical industry, especially opportunities in the Lautan Luas focus industry. Because we believe in the potential we have and the market will also continue to grow over time.”

more about the result of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders can be accessed here.


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