Lautan Luas


Grow with the Society

Inspired by a commitment to give real contribution to build better and more prosperous society, Lautan Luas creates sustainable social responsibility activities based on 4 (four) pillars, such as Community Development, Education, Livelihood Development, and other Social Activities by involving all stakeholder through a well-prepared program with dedicated budget.

Community Development

In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, a non-profit organization engaged in the humanitarian sector, Lautan Luas performed social responsibility activities in several regions across Indonesia. Some of the activities that have been carried out by the Company are including:

  • Support the construction and/or renovation of around 200 livable houses for less-fortunate people.
  • Clean water facilities, including drilled wells and installation, shallow wells, and individual toilets.
  • Capital assistance in the form of sewing machines and sewing skills training.
  • A proper sanitation program and trainings for residents.

Scholarship Program

Scholarships to public and private universities students in Indonesia in form of assistance for educational operational costs, living costs, practical tuition fees and research costs/final project preparation.


Education is one of the most important aspects to create a highly competitive society. Therefore, the Company strives support the creation of a decent and quality education from an early age through school building programs and scholarship assistance.

Partnership with Happy Hearts Indonesia

Schools construction and renovation activities from early childhood, kindergarten to vocational school levels in the Company and Group’s operational areas and other post-disaster areas.


Community Empowerment

Lautan Luas also supports growth and development of various sectors as a source of income for the society. Agricultural sector has becomes one of the priority sectors for the Company namely by providing and distributing chemicals for agriculture, especially high-quality fertilizers and on time delivery,  training for various farmer groups as well as partnership with various agencies, including  Bina Tani Sejahtera Foundation, the Company carries out Good Agricultural Practice activities for farmers in Lampung Province. 

Entrepreneurship Training

Manifestation of the Company’s commitment in improving quality of life of the society, particularly related to the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic to the people is carried out by supporting the society and micro entrepreneurs. The Company collaborates with the Habitat for Humanity Indonesia Foundation to organize Entrepreneurship trainings.

Other Contributions:

  • Regular Blood Donation events
  • Office equipment and other donations to Rumah Rachel Foundation as a foundation providing palliative care to the children with HIV AIDS, especially from less-fortunate family.
  • Natural disasters relief.
  • Donation for Water Distribution System construction comprising of installation of water reservoirs, installation of water meters, installation of pipes, and the establishment of water and sanitation committees
  • Shelter for Medical Warriors in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia foundation as a special program related to COVID-19.