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Improving Indonesian Good & Sustainable Agriculture Practice with competitive and leading product & services.

The Plant Nutrient Expert® inspire us to helping and giving advice in order to estimate and formulate customized/specific fertilizer requirement for plantation and smallholder farmer’s main decision.

We developed The Plant Nutrient Expert® by working as a team, to support plantation and smallholder farmer’s decision to estimate specific fertilizer requirements for palm oil plantation, commercial crops, and horticulture.  The Plant Nutrient Expert® main purpose is providing the best services to enhance quality and quantity of plantation and farm production with balance nutrients approach and biological treatment to improve the productivity of all our Agriculture project.

Our Commitment to the nature

We committed to escalate quantity and quality of plantation production with balance nutrients approach and biological treatment for sustainable environmental and green production.



Plant Nutrient Expert:

  1. Product Matching
  2. Quality Testing
  3. Demonstration Plot and Farmer Gathering
  4. Dedicated Project Development Team
  5. In House Training (Personal Advisor)

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