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Building Construction

Building Construction

As an integrated solution provider, Lautan Luas also offers Building & Construction solution supported by expertise as well as excellent quality materials and technical services underpinned by our commitment to be your preferred partner for Building & Construction Materials at national and regional levels.

Our materials are including Plastics and coatings that are light weight, easy to use, aesthetics with good durability and resistance. Our lines of products are also supported by advance application and technology and will be further developed towards green materials trend.

Product Category

  1. Resins
  2. Curing agent
  3. Diluent
  4. Accelerators
  5. Heat Stabilizers
  6. Lubricants, Polymeric Additives
  7. Plasticizers
  8. Titanium Dioxides
  9. Blowing Agents
  10. White Oils
  11. Functional Fillers
  12. Waxes
  13. Others



Our commitment of services are also supported by:
  1. Formulator company with laboratory and apparatus.
  2. Professional Team with experiences in technical (including formulation, application, and development) and logistic services for a Total Solution Experiences.

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