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Food and beverage landscape has transformed over the last decades, the new demands seeking unique experience, health benefits and sustainability, which poses great challenges in product development process. Striking the balance of them all is an elusive task for all manufacturers yet it does not have to be, with Ingredients Master.

Work with the Ingredients Master

Ingredients Master offers innovative and competitive food ingredients solution to meet the complex demand from nutritional, sensory, and business perspective in Food and Beverage industry.

Supported by trusted Partners worldwide, we provide the holistic solutions for boosting product innovation and competitiveness in food and beverage industry.

The combined experienced perspectives of market trend and business insights,supported by dedicated technical expertise, provide an all-in-one solution package for food and beverage business.

Partnering with us ensures not only product quality improvement, but also discovery of new markets and unique values in the ever-changing food and beverage business landscape.

With high quality and unique product portfolio as well as technical expertise and market insights, we provide a holistic innovative solution, which bring successful product development at your fingertips



Ingredients Master:

  1. Product Innovation Centre (Formula database/recipe, Prototype)
  2. Dedicated Laboratory
  3. Dedicated technical expertise and project development in each application
  4. BPOM Regulation expertise

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