Lautan Luas

Our Industries

Textile & Apparel

Our Priority

A better and greener world without hampering the involvement to follow the current fashion trends by promoting the use of eco-friendly textile chemicals products and process.

Experience and Dedication

Our professional team assures excellent service to our customers by providing updated process and formula optimizations to balance cost and performance, as well as product and application development to create new textiles innovations.

Product Category

  1. Sizing agent
  2. Knitting Lubricant
  3. Auxiliaries for Pre-treatment
  4. Dyeing Auxiliaries
  5. Special Finish & Softener
  6. Printing Thickener & Auxiliaries
  7. Dyestuff
  8. Denim Auxiliaries
  9. General Chemical
  10. Non-Woven Chemical



  1. Analytical and Laboratory testing
  2. Technical assistance for setting up new process/equipment
  3. In-house training for plant and process optimization
  4. Premix/Blending facilities to simplify process and reduce variety of raw materials

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