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Information Disclosure of the Selling of Buyback Shares


(“Disclosure of Information”)


Domiciled in West Jakarta, Indonesia

(the “Company”)

The company has conducted a shares buyback of its issued shares (“Buyback”) in amount of 47,338,000 (forty-seven million three hundred thirty-eight thousand) shares Buyback which is 3.03% of the total 1,560,000,000 (one billion five hundred sixty million) of the total Company’s issued shares pursuant to Shareholders Registers as per May 31, 2018, issued by PT Datindo Entrycom, the Stock Administration Bureau of the Company. The shares are registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange.

The Buyback conducted on significantly fluctuating market conditions and conducted without obtaining prior approval from the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with Regulation of Financial Services Authority No.2/POJK.04/2013 dated August 26, 2013 Concerning Repurchase Of Shares Issued By Issuers Or Public Companies In A Market Condition Which Fluctuates Significantly (“FSA Regulation No.2/2013”).

In regards to the Buyback, the Company submitted a disclosure of information to Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and Indonesia Stock Exchange as reflected in the Letter No. No.131/LTL-CS/X/2015 dated October 1, 2015, regarding The Submission of Disclosure Information on the Plan of Shares Buyback, announced in Investor Daily, a newspaper with a national circulation dated October 7, 2015, and the result of the implementation of the shares buyback has been reported to FSA.

The Company hereby announce that the Company plans to sell all the total Buyback shares executed through the transaction at the Indonesia Stock Exchange in an amount of 47,338,000 (forty-seven million three hundred thirty-eight thousand) shares.

In connection with the selling of the Buyback shares, the Company announces information as follows:

Name of Exchange member appointed to execute shares selling


PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia
       2. The execution time of shares selling
will be started 14 (fourteen) days subsequent to the announcement of this Disclosure of Information


       3. Number of total shares that will be sold
47,338,000 (forty-seven million three hundred thirty-eight thousand) shares


The mechanism of the selling of the Buyback shares will be conducted in accordance with the relevant capital market regulations including but not limited to FSA Regulation No.2/2013 and FSA Regulation No.30/POJK.04/2017 dated June 22, 2017, regarding Buyback of Shares Issued by Public Companies.

Additional information can be obtained during office hours from:

Corporate Secretary

      Head Office:

Graha Indramas Building, Jl.AIP II K.S. Tubun Raya No.77, West Jakarta 11410

Telephone. (62-21) 8066 0777, Facsimile (62-21) 8066 0020

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Jakarta, June 7, 2018


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