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Kampong Lautan Luas Project Update

Jakarta, 28 January 2022.

Last September, our Board of Directors were gathered at Mauk to laid the first stone of Kampung Lautan Luas. This Project will be last for 5 years by building 70 houses, 7 water centers, and 7 schools. If you have not read the story about kampong Lautan Luas please click this link.

From last September 2021 until December 2021. Lautan Luas now already build 5 houses in Kampung Lautan Luas which is located in Margamulya, Mauk. The 5 houses are inhabited by Ibu Minah, Bapak Runin, Bapak Mursid, Bapak Kandayani, and Bapak Ali. When Lautan Luas do a site visit to the built houses Bapak Mursid as one of the early receivers told us that he is very grateful that the houses finished before the new year. He also shares during the rainy season shore area like Mauk, the wind is very strong and very cold. With the new houses, he can shelter in decent places without worrying about the strong wind and weather.

Alongside that Lautan Luas visited the MIS Raudlatul Hidayah 2 at Mauk. The construction is already completed and the school is ready to use.

Inspired by our new vision and mission A better world through what we do and We are inspired toward sustainability, innovation and people. Our story to contribute to Indonesia are still far and long.

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