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Lautan Luas Celebrate its 70th anniversary

Jakarta, 21 July 2021 is a very special day for Lautan Luas. The Company celebrate its 70th anniversary and take this opportunity to start a new beginning of its journey. Celebrated during the restriction imposed on public activities ( PPKM ) not affecting the excitement and gratitude in commemorating this event even though it was carried out online with zoom. More than 500 zoom accounts participate in this celebration.

In this opportunity, Lautan Luas launched its new vision, mission and new tagline. Our new vision is to make “A Better World Through What We Do, with the mission that “We Are Inspired Toward Sustainability, Innovation, and People”. A very bold simple statement, as the new beginning of Lautan Luas transformation to grow and implement sustainability program.

“70th anniversary is the new beginning of our journey”, started its business in Indonesia, the Company take its part, #LautanLuasBuildIndonesia by adopting a village in Mauk, Tangerang area and build 70 houses and 7 schools. In this activity The Company also share the opportunity to Lautan Luas family to contribute Build Indonesia by participating the competitions held until July 2022”, says Jimmy Masrin, Lautan Luas Vice President Director.

Since more than 10 years ago, Lautan Luas started to provide the communities that does not have access to decent house and education in Sentul, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Gresik and Karawang.

Happy Anniversary!

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