Lautan Luas

Lautan Luas conduct vaccines for Lautan Luas Group employees

COVID-19 pandemic has hit Indonesia, creating impact to various sectors. Including Lautan Luas line of businesses. Throughout 2020, Lautan Luas has conducted various strategic initiatives to improve our performance amidst the uncertainty.

As one of Lautan Luas commitment to protect the group employee. At 30 June – 1 July, Lautan Luas has carried the first Covid-19 vaccination for Lautan Luas group employee. This vaccination program was took place in the group head office in Graha Indramas, Jakarta.

This vaccination is a form Lautan Luas’s support in the success of the national vaccination program to accelerate economic recovery. In the first phase, vaccinations are for 200 Lautan Luas group employees out of a total of 4,000 employees. The vaccination activity is planned to be held in stages from July to September 2021 depending on vaccine availability.

“Employee safety is one of our main focus. Amid this pandemic, Lautan Luas continues to assure the protection of its employees and families. With this Program, we hope reach herd immunity target to end this pandemic” said Indrawan Masrin, Lautan Luas President Director.


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