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The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter referred to as the Meetin) of the Company held on January 25, 20172.22 – 2.33 p.m. took place at Jakarta Room, Graha Indramas Building, 10th Floor, Jl. AIP II KS Tubun Raya No. 77, West Jakarta.

The Meeting was attended by the Shareholders and/or their Proxies/Representatives representing 885,563,420 shares, or constituting 58.54% of the total shares 1,512,662,000 with valid voting rights that have been issued by the Company.

The Meeting was chaired by Mr. Isien Fudianto, Commissioner who was appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners attended at this Meeting were as follows:

1. Mr. Indrawan Masrin, President Director;

2. Mr. Jimmy Masrin, Vice President Director;

3. Mr. Joshua Chandraputra Asali, Director;

4. Mr. Herman Santoso, Director;

5. Mr. Soewandhi Soekamto, Independent Director;

6. Mr. Danny Suryadi Adenan, Independent Director;

7. Ms. Joan Fudiana, President Commissioner;

8. Mr. Isien Fudianto, Commissioner;

9. Mr. Hari Slamet Widodo, Independent Commissioner.


Prior to the decision making, the Chairman of the Meeting provides the shareholders opportunities to raise question and/or to propose opinion.

Resolutions in the Meeting were adopted by means of voting.

The Meeting has adopted the following resolutions:

  • To accept in good faith the resignation of and respectably discharge Mr. Hari Slamet Widodo from his position as Independent Commissioner of the Company, effective as of the closing of the Meeting.
  • To appoint Ms. Rifana Erni and Ms. Diah Maulida, respectively as Independent Commissioner of the Company which shall come into force as from the closing of the Meeting with term of office similar to the remaining term of office of other members of the Board of Commissioners with respect to provisions laid down in laws and regulations and Articles of Association of the Company.
  • To confer a power of attorney to the Company’s Board of Directors either singly or jointly with the right of substitution, to state the resolutions adopted at the Meeting before a notary, to restate composition of members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of the Board of Directors of the Company and to do any legal action necessary and required to comply with provisions laid down in laws and regulations.


The result of the decision making: Affirmative – Vote 885,410,220 shares or 99.98 % Disapproving – Vote 153,200 shares or 0.02% Abstain – Vote 0 share or 0 %

Succeeding to the closing of the Meeting composition of the Board of Commissioners of the Company shall be as follow:

  • President Commissioner : Ms. Joan Fudiana
  • Vice President Commissioner : Mr. Pranata Hajadi
  • Commissioner : Mr. Isien Fudianto
  • Independent Commisioner : Mr. Antonio da Silva Costa
  • Independent Commissioner : Ms. Rifana Erni
  • Independent Commissioner : Ms. Diah Maulida



Jakarta, January 27, 2017


The Board of Directors



This file is translation of Indonesian version issued at the same date, in the event of any discrepancy in interpretation between Indonesian and English versions, the Indonesian version shall prevail.

09 Draft iklan hasil RUPSLB 25 Januari 2017 v2
Resume of EGMOS (25 Januari 2017) new v2


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