Lautan Luas

PT Lautan Air Indonesia: Presenting Innovative Solutions In The Water Industry

“We at PT Lautan Luas Tbk are proud to announce the consolidation of our subsidiary with a new name and brand, PT Lautan Air Indonesia.” – Eurike Hadijaya, Corporate Communication and Investor Relations Manager

The presence of PT Lautan Air Indonesia marks a new step in the world of the water industry in Indonesia, amidst increasingly complex global challenges related to water resources.

PT Lautan Air Indonesia is committed to being a pioneer in meeting water treatment needs. Our integrated approach through innovative and sustainable solutions essentially helps provide clean water for industrial, drinking, and waste purposes.

Sustainable access to clean water is not only crucial, but a fundamental need. We believe in making positive contributions to society and the environment, while maintaining integrity and social responsibility as a company.

The solutions provided by PT Lautan Air Indonesia include:

  1. Chemical & Media
  2. Operation & Maintenance
  3. Cleaning & Sanitation
  4. Clean & Drinking Water Solution
  5. Control, Monitoring & IOT
  6. EPC, BOT & Joint Operation

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