Lautan Luas

The Best AEO Importer Award 2023

On Wednesday, 5 July, PT Lautan Luas Tbk was presented with the Best AEO Importer Award at the 2023 KPU Awards, alongside four other companies that were nominated in this category.

The KPU Awards is an event held to commemorate the 16th Anniversary of the Type A Customs and Excise KPU (Office of Main Service). The award given to Lautan Luas is an achievement and a symbol of commitment of the company’s role in the global supply chain.

Mr. Joshua C. Asali, Managing Director of PT Lautan Luas Tbk, received the award on behalf of the company. He expressed his gratitude for the trust given to Lautan Luas as the best AEO Importer, thanks to the support and guidance from the DGCE (Directorate General of Customs and Excise). He added that he hopes in the future, DGCE will continue to aid Indonesia’s climate business.

KPU Awards 2023

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), according to the WCO (World Customs Organization) SAFE FoS (Framework of Standards), is a standardization of security and facilitation of international trade supply chains to increase certainty and ease of monitoring the flow of goods.

Economic Operators are parties involved in the international movement of goods in the global supply chain function in the form of producers, importers, exporters, PPJK, carriers, consolidators, intermediaries, port authorities, terminal managers, warehousing entrepreneurs, and distributors.

AEO in Indonesia is regulated in Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 227/PMK.04/2014, under the name of AEO, which has received recognition from the DGCE, thus receiving certain customs treatment.


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