Lautan Luas

The establishment of PT Lautan Air Murni by PT Pacinesia Chemical Industry

PT Pacinesia Chemical Industry has established a subsidiary named PT Lautan Air Murni (“LAM”) with the following details:

  1. Authorized Capital of IDR5,000,000,000.-
  2. Paid-up Capital of IDR3,000,000,000.- or 3,000 shares, each share valued at IDR1,000,000.-with the composition of shareholders as follows:
    • PCI holds 2,970 shares or equivalent to 99.00% with a total share value of IDR2,970,000,000.
    • Indrawan Masrin holds 30 shares or equivalent to 1.00% with a total value of IDR30,000,000.-

The details can be downloaded here


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