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PT Lautan Solusi Airindo: Improve Your Water, Improve Your Life

As part of Lautan Luas Group, PT Lautan Solusi Airindo maintains our commitment to achieve the best water treatment standards for various industrial and household needs. Established since 2019, we are committed to provide solutions for raw water to clean water, drinking water, process water processing to meet the quality standard.

Through WATERCARE® and PUREVE®, we are ready to deliver professional service and bring the best standards in the water treatment industry. We believe, what we consume will affect our health and quality of life.


WATERCARE® offers water solution services concept and provides various water treatment system with the best quality and affordable prices to achieve a better quality of life and health in Indonesia.

Our Water Solution Services

  1. Consultation
  2. Send Water Sample
  3. Water Sample Test
  4. Results & Recommendation
  5. Survey
  6. Proposal
  7. Transaction
  8. Payment and Schedule
  9. Installation
  10. Checking


PUREVE® offers water treatment products with Multimedia Filter, Ultra-Filtration, UV, Ion-exchange, Reverse Osmosis and other technologies that are trusted and safety. Quality of the water from PUREVE® water treatment process is free from harmful substances such as THMs (Trihalomethanes) that may cause cancer; heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms that may cause various diseases. 

For more information about WATERCARE® and PUREVE® please visit and

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